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Genealogy looks at a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor. Historical documents such as baptismal entries, marriage banns or a burial or death entry in an Old Parish Register, Census Return or Will & Testament - provide vital information necessary to trace back further. In Scotland it is possible to trace a line of descent to at least 1538, although a few medieval documents (such as Royal Charters) do exist into the 13th and 14th Centuries - they were almost certainly written in Latin or French and hold no genealogical material. For the purposes of genealogical research it is imperative that clients understand that there are fundamentally NO records in Scotland before 1538.

Tracing your family history has never been more popular. With the boom of the internet some sources have been put online. However, there are thousands of records not online which requires researching in person at archive depositories (such as The National Records of Scotland).

I'm a stickler for the traditional way of conducting genealogical research - that is to say identifying the primary source from within the National Records of Scotland, only then can evidence and accuracy be achieved. As a researcher, I can unearth your ancestors' stories and build a pedigree linking your family's histories together.

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