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A Property Research Report in Scotland is a fascinating addition to any genealogical research.  Discovering where your ancestors lived and died can help put your ancestor in context within the local community in which their house stood or stands. 

By researching census returns of occupiers, land ownership schedules and Sasines; Valuation Rolls; Historical maps; old and current photographs; newspapers; Wills and court records – a wealth of information can be achieved on the past occupiers to the present ones.  The history of a church, a pub, a school, a cottage, a farm, a house or a business can often be found in a wide-range of documentation.  For most buildings there is archive material available that can be used to piece together a history of both the building and its inhabitants. 

Even the smallest house can tell a story – when it was built, sold, leased or when its inhabitants had to pay rates or taxes!  The people who lived in the property could have been born there, baptised, married and buried at the local church.  There may be mention of the property within Wills and Testaments, within family letters and papers – or even included in photographs or portraits.  Finally the property may have been included in a local map of the area or within local land-owner records.      

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