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Your report was fantastic - I am so appreciative of your expertise and research skills, especially as someone across the Pond who wouldn't even know where to start to look on my own. Genealogy is such an interesting mix of investigative and historical. In sum, I am thrilled with it.”

Hi Lorna, my Dad loved it all thank you. The tree graphic is the key, it tells a great story. He clicked with your summary. I really value the work you have done for us. I am looking forward to going back further.”
HB, Australia

Hi Lorna - Wow! That is an amazing amount of detail! Thank you. I am delighted with what you have found and look forward to sharing it with my father and looking at the detail more closely. I think a trip to Lochcarron is on the cards for this summer!”
LM, Orkney

I asked Lorna to find the answer to the puzzle of where my Mum's ancestors came from in the West Highlands. It's a question my Mum had always wanted the answer to- so this was to be her 90th birthday present from me. Lorna did an amazing job. There were a number of dead-ends - getting the link from Northern Ireland to Scotland to start with - but she persevered and did an incredible, meticulous job to find various needles in various haystacks and make sure they were authentic! My Mum was thrilled to bits to find her ancestors were from Applecross, Ross & Cromarty back in the early 1800s / late 1700s. I thoroughly recommend Lorna to you - she kept me informed throughout, worked diligently and with genuine interest to unravel the mysteries of centuries gone by.”
AD, Edinburgh

Thank you very much for your timely report. Your finding that Stewart registered no patents in Scotland, coupled with the fact that he registered none in London, closes the case….I am very grateful for your professionalism and the thorough research you conducted as described in your report. As you can imagine, if I hadn't chased this research thread down, I would always be wondering if I missed something critical through carelessness.”
RM (Boston, USA)

My goodness! You certainly did a lot of work for me. And your report was very professional. I can't say that I am surprised, given that you had so little to work with. Thank you so much for your efforts. I want to thank you for your excellent report and I truly appreciate everything you have done to help me.”
Judy Hopper (Manitoba), Canada

I was very happy with the professional service that you have provided on both occasions and would be happy to recommend you and use your services again.”
Doug Mackay, Sri Lanka

It [the two reports] consumed the whole evening…It was excellent with the vast majority totally unknown to the family. One fantastic bit of info was finally seeing in print that my Grandad died at the Hearts ground, Tynecastle Park. We knew he had but could find no record and presumed it would have been registered at the Royal Infirmary. Thanks again Lorna.
DC, Spain

I recently employed the services of Lorna to help me track down any living relatives of a crew member, who originated from Edinburgh, of a RAF Lancaster Bomber which was shot down over Germany in February 1944. With the scantest of information Lorna used her skills and contacts to produce an excellent report for me within days and contained in that report were details of a relative who has since confirmed a direct family connection with that crew member. Lorna has a real passion for her subject and I can highly recommend her.
Jeremy Prescott, Leicester

Through Lorna's dilgence she managed to track down a distant connection to one of the crew killed in a Lancaster Bomber shot down over Germany in Feb 1944 and I followed this lead through and obtained the last photo required of all crew members. Mission accomplished for me after 4 years and the last piece in the jigsaw was entirely due to Lorna whom I can strongly recommend.
Jeremy Prescott, Leicester

You have been working very hard thank-you. We are very happy with what you have achieved... your second and third reports were equally well received and although you didn't unearth any living heirs in Scotland, you have done a very indepth research of the Thomson surname in and around Glasgow that would have been impossible for us to do from Australia – thank you again.
J&C M, Australia

You have done a fabulous job of tracing my adoptive family…you have presented the information in an easy to follow format…I would have no hesitation on recommending your services to anyone'. You have included many different record sources that even I didn't know existed.
AH, Edinburgh

The report is fantastic. I've now printed out your report and have had a chance to read it several times - how amazing what you uncovered - and the process by which you did it. I'm fascinated to hear more about your process and the best use of the records…and I will definitely be in touch with you again when I return to Australia - and have time to re-look at my records etc., you have such a broad knowledge of the field - such luck that we met up.
JD, Australia

What a work you have put into this report – I am delighted with it. You've made it very easy for me to follow in a logical way, and I love the paternal tree you have included at the back with the 7 generations and a bit of history of the area too…a really enjoyable report.
EK, Edinburgh

Capable, Professional and Friendly
I recently engaged Lorna Kinnaird to undertake research on my Scottish ancestors. From my initial email enquiry, Lorna’s responses have been professional, generous and friendly. She provided a wealth of background information, a concise statement outlining her approach and fees and some suggestions as to how I could make best use of her skills. I then commissioned Lorna to carry out a specific investigation. She soon provided me with a comprehensive, clearly written report containing significant new material and analysis. Again she suggested avenues for further work. As an anthropological research consultant myself, I found Lorna’s work to be of high quality, her knowledge of the field extensive and her fees modest. I highly recommend her as a research consultant in tracing family connections in Scotland.
Dr J. Devitt, Australia

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