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Terms & Conditions

It is important that clients read through my terms and conditions prior to signing contracts so that they are absolutely clear about the terms.

Initial assessment

A free initial assessment is conducted at the beginning of any commission to ascertain available records and to assess the full time-scale of the commission to be undertaken. A short email will then be sent to the client to state the records that will be consulted; to clarify the aims and expectations that the client has; to give a date when the research can be carried out; to confirm instructions and to complete the contract and payment.

There will be a minimum period of 7 days between the signed contract and the research commencing, not just to let the payment clear, but to also ensure that I am clear about the client's aims and expectations are; have ordered in any historical records that need to be consulted or have booked in the research to the monthly schedule.


I will discuss with the client throughout, on any progress made and the options or direction that the research could be taken. I will ensure the client has a copy of my current Terms & Conditions and the contract is signed and returned with payment before any research is carried out. The research starts when a minimum of 4 hours' research has been paid or full fee depending on the amount of research to be undertaken. The invoice sent will state the fee to be paid. Once the research has been carried out one full report is provided and sent via email or post. If you require a brief pedigree or drop down chart then this is included at the back. The report will also include a summary and suggestions on how the research can be taken further. If a second report is required then this is charged at £15 per additional report. I transcribe all post 1855 certificates I find and do not include photocopies of certificates unless the client specifically asks for these. Pre 1855 entries in the Old Parish Registers are included as these are pretty special to see in a report (30p per copy), but I keep this to a minimum where possible.

Research can take as long as it takes depending on the research being undertaken. This can range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks or longer.

Extra Hours

I charge an initial £30 for the first hour then hourly at £27 with a minimum of 4 hours' research. Writing the findings is charged on a ratio of the research hours and is charged at £20 per hour. If additional hours are required then these are charged at the time, but payment must be made at the time of extra research.

During research there is always the possibility that extra time is needed to obtain the results that the client seeks. It is my intention therefore to contact the client via mobile/home phone to discuss this. Please therefore provide a contactable number. If contact is made via email, then please reply promptly to my emails. No further research will be carried out until extra hours have been agreed and payment received.

Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates currently costing £12 from the ScotlandsPeople Centre.
  • Wills, baptism, marriage, burial records are charged by cost of copy.
  • OPRs/Vital Records (less than 100 years old) requested by client cost 30p per copy (cost price)
  • Stationery, postage, presentation folders, archival paper are charged at cost.
  • Specialist printing costs of high quality, large scale family trees to be agreed before going to print.
  • Travel costs to other depositories and graveyards are charged at 48p per mile plus my time whilst there.

Chart Printing

I computer draw descendants charts using Word if less than 25 individuals. This normally takes 2 hours (£40). I can also input the data found into Family Historian or Family Tree Maker and produce charts on A3 paper. This normally takes between 4 and 6 hours depending on the amount of information to be input (£80-£120). This information can then be saved as a GEDCOM file which I can forward to a professional chart making company. The additional cost of producing a chart is the client's responsibility and I put the client in touch with the chart printer. I only use one Family Tree Printing company and they produce excellent results at a very reasonable price.


Payments can be made in a variety of ways. I accept WorldPay; PayPal; BACS (or Direct Banking); Cheques or Western Union. An invoice or payment request is raised and forwarded via email. Cheques should be made payable to 'Lorna Kinnaird'.


I hold copyright to all the research reports I have undertaken for clients. The actual records referred to in the Report remain the property of The Keeper of the Records at the National Records of Scotland and individual permission must be granted for their use out-with my report. The research therefore must not be put online or copied without notifying me first to discuss.

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